Brett Deubner, altiste américain, au service des jeunes compositeurs

Le compositeur américain Jonathan Newman a écrit une version de son Solo Blue intitulée Sky Deep Blue, pour « l’extraordinaire alto solo Deubner Brett ». Celui-ci, après avoir créé  dernièrement la Sonate de ce compositeur pendant une série de concerts avec la brillante compositrice et pianiste Amanda Harberg, jouera Sky Deep Blue en tournée la saison prochaine.

A lire dans la newsletter de Jonathan Newman, compositeur de mai 2012 (ci-dessous)


May 2012

Blow It Up, Start Again

Join me in Chicago this weekend for the official premiere of my Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra commission, conducted by CYSO Music Director Allen Tinkham. After their December preview performance at the 2011 Midwest Clinic, this amazing ensemble will bring their funky dubstep to Orchestra Hall, Sunday May 13, with their new signature piece: Blow It Up, Start Again.
Solo Blue

This year euphoniumist Robert Benton released a beautiful premiere recording of Milori Blue on his new CD, Mirrors. Last month I arranged a version titled Deep Sky Blue, for the extraordinary viola soloist Brett Deubner. After premiering the sonata last week in a series of performances with the brilliant composer-pianist Amanda Harberg, Deubner will tour with it next season.
New Publications

My two chamber sextets are now both available as nifty print-on-demand scores. OK Feel Good and The Vinyl Six join a growing library of slick score publications, available for online ordering. Pair your new score of TV6 with Avian Orchestra’s 2009 recording, available on the iTunes Store!
3 O’Clock Mix

Commissioned by and written for young school ensembles, 3 O’Clock Mix features an open instrumentation paired with groove-based percussion on desks, chairs, and books. This ‘Grade 2’ educational work premieres this month in Bloomdale Ohio, and will be published and available for sale next year.
Go West!

On a personal note, this summer I will be relocating with my family to beautiful Portland, Oregon. After 18 years in New York City, I am psyched for the adventure, and looking forward to making new friends with Pacific Northwest musicians!
My very best to all!




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